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We provide live seminars, webinars, and teleconferences to meet your individual CE requirements, as well as helping bring new members to your National, State, or Local professional association (and helping to maintain the ones you presently have!)

Our seminars are PERFECT for your needs.

We bring seminars dealing with topics that are ones that you just don't get in Graduate School!

As example, how many courses did YOU get in college that taught you HOW to testify in Court? How many courses prepared you to deal with the ethical issues surrounding the use of mental health drugs by your patients EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT THE PRESCRIBER? How many courses did YOU get in school that truly discussed practice management, legal liability exposure reduction, or how to decide if a contract for your services is actually beneficial?

We blend the fields of mental health and the law in ways that are useful, informative, and DEFINITELY not scary!

And, because we do this with common-sense, down-to-earth, real-time experience, knowledge, and insight these (and other) topics make "a whole lotta' sense!"

We do this not only with Nationally Recognized sponsors who are leaders in the field of providing Continuing Education, but also work with the Boards of Directors of Associations to develop Annual Conference presentations tailored directly to the needs of the membership- all at incredibly reasonable costs! 

Yes, we even have a BLOG! You can access this at: http://mentalhealthseminars.blogspot.com for even more information.